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Azrieli Towers


Tel Aviv is the second largest city in Israel, and the heart of Israel's largest metropolitan centers. It is also known as a “Nonstop City” for its vibrant 24/7 cultural activities and lively nightlife. Tel Aviv is a pluralistic, diverse urban center, a meeting point between old and new, tradition and innovation. 


Tel Aviv, the first Hebrew city in modern times, was founded in 1909. Known as the “White City”, and a World Cultural Heritage site. By this proclamation, the international community recognized the exceptional architectural qualities of the buildings, streets, squares and avenues of Tel Aviv. 


Tel Aviv offers a huge range of attractions, including the big Tel Aviv Museum of Art, the Bauhaus Museum, artist collectives and smaller art galleries.

Tel Aviv Cuisine

Tel Aviv, a city among the top foodie cities in the world, offers about 3,400 restaurants and cafes, each with its own atmosphere and ambiance. Tel Aviv is also known for its rich variety of vegan restaurants.

Port of Jaffa
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