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The Israeli Association of Judges (ILAJ), founded in the late 1970s, represents all judges of Israel. The ILAJ is comprised from the various courts of Israel, including District Courts, the National Labor Court, Magistrates Courts, Labor Courts, Family Courts, Juvenile Courts and Traffic Courts. In Addition, the ILAJ also represents retired judges.

Together, members of the ILAJ work throughout the year to promote significance issues and values to the legal system and the State of Israel. Alongside daily concern for the judges' welfare, and the improvement of their conditions of service, the association attends to questions of ethical aspects, which may concern judges, as well as questions of professional aspects.

The ILAJ works in collaboration with other national association and participates in conferences of the European Judges Association (EJA), as well as the International Association of Judges (IAJ).

The 47 members of the ILAJ are elected by the judges in the various districts of Israel and operate on a voluntary basis, in addition to their judicial role.


On behalf of the ILAJ – welcome to Israel!

Meet The Members of The ILAJ

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