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Dear Colleagues,


On behalf of the Israeli Association of Judges (ILAJ), I am delighted to invite you to join us for the 64th annual meeting of the International Association of Judges, which will take place in Tel Aviv, Israel, on September 18-22, 2022.

The Israeli association members are excited to have the opportunity to greet you in our beautiful country.

Together with the IAJ Presidency Committee and General Secretariat, we are sparing no effort to ensure that the annual meeting will be both productive and enjoyable.

I would also like to extend the invitation to your loved ones to join you on your trip to Tel Aviv. We have prepared an exciting itinerary for accompanying persons, which I am sure they will enjoy very much.

I am sure we are all eager to participate in person, once again, in the extremely important work of the International Association of Judges. I know that in these uncertain times, when Covid-19 is still somewhat part of our lives, traveling abroad is not without its challenges. I assure you that the ILAJ would do all that within our powers to minimize any discomfort and to make sure we all enjoy an outstanding annual meeting.

Looking forward to greeting you personally in Tel Aviv!




Yaron Levy

President of the Israeli Association of Judges

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